GATE is not just an examination, it is a milestone that you must achieve in order to be on the brighter side of the story and realise your dream. The tentative date for GATE examination 2021 is 5th of February to 7th of February and 12th of February to 14th of February, 2021.

All the other key highlights of the exam regarding the tentative dates, eligibility, syllabus and related information is already mentioned, you can check them out on ExamprepTool if you haven’t already.

From now on there are almost 45 days to GATE examination, 2021 and this is the time when your preparation must be greased with proper strategy and routine so that you don’t lag behind and can keep up with the track of time. You need to hit the iron when it’s hot and this is the time. So, here we are with our experts to give you a clear-cut revision strategy that you must follow to fulfil your dreams.

  • Stay calm and contended:

This is the time when most of the students start hustling because the exam is right around the corner and the time is running like anything but, this is something that should be strictly avoided. Yes, you need to stay calm and content. You should be well aware of what portion of your studies have been completed and what is left. Just try to focus on winding it up but in a systematic way. Hustling will only make you get tense and will not allow you to think rationally.

  • Stop Comparing:

You need to stop comparing yourself with others. We have heard this throughout our lifetime not to compare ourselves with others, just try this for once. Everybody is different and unique in their own way, everybody is working as per their own potential then where the point of comparison is. Comparing with others will only make you feel down or will inflate you with overconfidence which is equally poisonous as being diffident. 

Instead, you should compare your past performance with the present one in order to track your growth and improvement. The test series that you are going to solve, just compare your own performance through them, don’t try to peep in others’ performance. Always remember that- life has given us a different question paper then why are we trying to copy others’ answers.

  • Stay healthy:

Your health is something that you should take care of before anything else. If you are not fit or fall sick then this is no less than a nightmare. In that situation you’ll lose a good chunk of time and eventually get frustrated followed by distraction and stress. This will ruin the whole climax of your preparations. 

Don’t stuff yourself with oily, junk or fast food. Eat healthy even if you need to cook it- just eat healthy and yes, sweat a little. Do exercise, if not daily then do it on alternate days but, do exercise. A bad health can possibly take a heavy toll on your preparations.

  • Stop overthinking:

Many of the students often get absorbed in the furious thought of “what if- I fail?” Please do not think of it at all. This is something you must and strictly avoid, it’ll take you to a dimension of the future that might turn to reality if you don’t stop right now. Thinking of failure will definitely take you to failure only. Try focusing on solutions and not problems, come-on!! After all you’ll be a future scientist of a scholar or something like that. So, you must avoid such negativity. 

What worse can happen? 

You’ll definitely get another chance and you can also think of it after the examination itself, then why are you wasting your time now. Invest yourself and your time in positive affirmations and studies, you’ll definitely be successful.

  • Practice as much as you can:

This is the time when you should spend more time on practice through test series rather than learning new concepts. Yes, irrespective of whatever your branch is, you must start solving test series. Now, test series could be taken on the overall basis and on the basis of specific subjects.

  • Take the overall test series so that you can have a good practice of the real exam situation. Mark those topics out in which you still need to build up or which are weaker and you need to spend time on.
  • Take the individual subject specific test series to cover your weak points or concepts. You can also take these specific test series if you are covering a new concept or topic.

             No matter what, you need to solve these test papers positively because they will give your preparations a final shape and will also make you practice how to attempt the exam in an effective way. 

  • Revise your Micro notes:

The notes that you have made during your preparation time are the key building blocks. You need to revise them again and again. Follow these steps to effectively revise the notes-

  • While revising them for the first time- start highlighting the key words and main points.
  • The highlighting should be done in such a way that only the essence of the whole material has been covered. It should enable you to get the whole concept through those highlighted points only.
  • You can also make pointers, handouts or flashcards. 
  • This way you can prepare your micro notes. Remember, your micro notes should be refined and to the point.
  • The next time you start revising the same notes, don’t read all of it word by word. Just go through the highlighted points.  

               Your micro notes are your bible that you must read as many times as possible before writing the real exam.

Follow these points religiously and make your strategy more effective and productive.

#All the Best!!

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