GATE 2021 is right around the corner and we hope that you’re almost done with your syllabus. Now is the right time to straight away get into your revision. A detailed analysis on how to shape your revision strategy effectively has been already provided to our learners, please check that out if you haven’t  already. 

Talking of the revision strategy then, one must include practice sets and test series in the strategy. Practice series are the building blocks which lift your preparations to another level and will also give you a good insight in various aspects of your preparations, your weak points and your strong areas.

Now, merely taking the test series is not actually going to take you anywhere and thus, analysis comes in the picture. Every practice set must be followed by accurate analysis. Without analysis your practice sets are not going to benefit you the way they are supposed to do.

So, here we are with some crucial steps that you must follow to analyse your practice correctly:

  • Numbering:

Write down the number of questions which were there in your practice set. Suppose, you had a set of 50 questions then write 1, 2, 3…50 vertically on a sheet. 

  • Marking:

Now, start marking which question you got right, which question you got wrong, in which question you got confused, in which question you committed a silly mistake and which question you left. Write all this right against the respective question number.

  • Do it quickly:

You need to make sure that all this numbering and marking is done within half an hour and not more than this because you cannot waste much of the time. So be quick and be careful.

  • Categorisation:

Make categories for each type of response:

  • The questions you got right are green zoned questions- strong areas.
  • The questions you got wrong are highly weak areas because it is proof that you need to work on your concepts as you can’t afford to lose marks due to negative marking. Beware!
  • The questions you got confused in are also weak areas because they might create a 50%-50% situation of getting right.
  • The questions you left are the ones that you haven’t studied yet or clearly have no idea about them.
  • Fix the mistakes:

After figuring out what your weak and strong points are now, you need to focus more on your weak points and those areas that you haven’t studied yet.

  • Strong areas: they need a moderate amount of time so that you can keep up with the same pace.
  • Weak areas: they need a good amount of time because they are the ones in which you’ve a good idea but you are not sure of it, this is a dangerous situation. Remember, just a wrong question can make you slip thousands of ranks below. So keep in mind and work accordingly.
  • Undiscovered areas: they are the ones of which you are not much aware. Now, you cannot start studying them from scratch, it’ll cost a good amount of time. What you can do is- try to find out the most common type of questions that are frequently asked in previous year exams and start preparing them. This way you won’t lose much of the time and you’ll also have a good idea about the topics.
  • Winding up:

After analysing thoroughly your practice set work on your concepts before you take the next test. By now, you are well aware of which concept or subject needs most of your time and which needs least but please remember- you cannot leave anything or put anything aside even if you are good at it. Continuous practice and revision is the key.

This analysis technique works for all the branches so don’t be worried about that.

Being a GATE aspirant you must be aware of the fact there aren’t much of the practice sets or series available or even if they are then also, the level of questions are not always of that level so, you must take your test series as CURRENCY and should not waste them by attempting them with a casual approach. You should analyse one practice set thoroughly and only then you must move to attempt the other one, otherwise you will not see any improvement. 

You can also add previous year question papers in your test series but, do get their answer key in advance. Previous year question papers are also equally important and beneficial.

Stick to the right strategy and guidance and you will definitely reap the desired results.

#All the Best!!

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